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Mollie Moochers

Licensed & Insured

Home Dog Boarding

(licence # NAB/141)

Call or text Jo on 07887 353540


Bookings taken in advance. Please don't leave booking till the last minute

Please allow plenty of time for an introduction and overnight trial.


Overnight Boarding

(drop off 8:30am-10am & Collection up to 6pm)

*please note an exact time must be arranged prior to boarding*


per day for one dog


per day for one additional dog from the same household, full price thereafter



What will your dog receive while they stay at Mollie Moochers? 

Your dog will receive round the clock care in my home. I only offer boarding and day care so your dog will have company for the duration of their stay.  

All dogs are exercised daily with a minimum of 2 walks. The length of walk will be adjusted to their age, health and ability. Dogs will only be walked off their lead if permission is granted by the owner. I will then only allow a dog off their lead if they show good attention to me on the lead and in the home. Off lead exercise will be within areas I deem safe and away from roads. 

Whether your dog enjoys to play ball or have a good sniff around, the walks will be engaging, stimulating and fun for all. While I am not a trainer or canine behaviourist, I can provide basic obedience while your dog is in my care, including varied walks, socialisation with other dogs both in and out of the house. 

You will supply their food and treats, so that your dog(s) are not fed anything that would disagree with their stomachs.  

All dogs must be fully up to date with vaccinations, covering DHP (Distemper, Parvo and Hepatitis) and Lepto (L2 or L4) or titre tested with certificate of proof, plus Lepto 2 or 4 vaccine (kennel cough is not compulsory in home boarding). All vaccines must be administered at least 2 weeks prior to boarding. Copies of vaccinations will be asked for at the introduction. If you do not have these your vet can provide you with a copy from their database. No dog will be accepted unless they have an up to date vaccination record.

At night, your dog will sleep in the doggy room downstairs. Due to my licencing rules, all guest dogs will be separated at night, unless from the same household. Crates are supplied if your dog is crate trained and is comfortable sleeping in one. I have CCTV in my home so that I can ensure your dog is settled at night and has safe and uninterrupted rest time.  I can access this remotely for these purposes. 


How does my service work? 

Initial enquiry - we will chat at length about your dog(s) breed, age, temperament and general requirements. I am unable board any dogs that are uncomfortable around humans or other dogs. Once we have discussed these areas an introduction will be arranged. Introductions MUST be arranged within 7 days of initial enquiry.

Introduction - all bookings are subject to an introduction and if that is successful and we are happy, then an overnight trial is required.  The introduction and overnight trial processes are aimed at introducing your dogs with my dogs to ensure they are all happy to share my home together. These services are also to ensure that all dogs are comfortable both out on their walks and also in my home, both during the day and throughout the night.  

The introduction consists of a 45 minute familiarisation session in my home and with my dogs. This will be conducted without the owner present as I feel I get a fuller and truer representation of a dogs behaviour when they are on their own. Dogs are often less protective and calmer this way and so the introduction session is therefore a calmer experience for all the dogs.  I will take videos of the introduction for the owner to see. After the 45 minutes, the owner can then collect their dog(s), meet my dogs and be shown where their dog(s) will be staying on their holiday. We will discuss how the introduction went overall. 

Overnight trial (optional but recommended if your dog has not stayed away from home before) - The overnight trial consists of a full 24 hour stay and is aimed at ensuring your dog(s) will be happy and settled to stay overnight in my home. Dogs behaviour can change out of their own environment and in the absence of their owner, because of this the overnight trial is aimed at ensuring your dog is not only happy to be around myself, my dogs and other guest dogs but also to sleep comfortably and peacefully during the night. Your dog(s) will be given a minimum of 2 walks and provided with 24 hour supervision during their trial. They will have all the comforts of my home and, just like any other guest, treated as part of the family. Overnight trials are subject to the standard overnight price.

Booking and deposit - From there and once we are happy to go ahead with the holiday booking, you will be required to complete the necessary paperwork, including personal contact details for you and your dog(s), disclaimers for vet treatment if necessary, medication and off lead permissions and business terms and conditions, please take a moment to read these at the bottom of my contact page.

Once the introductory meeting is successful a booking fee must be paid which will amount to 50% of the total cost of the service. The deposit MUST be paid at the end of the introduction or within 24 hours, if payment is not received within this time frame your booking will be removed. If the check-in date is less than 28 days away from initial enquiry or from the day of the introduction then full payment is required. All remaining fees must be paid 24 hours in advance of the check-in date. 

No booking is confirmed until the booking fee/full fees are paid. Client understands they may forfeit their booking space if the booking fee/full fees are not paid within 24 hours of the introduction or for returning customers, if the booking fee/full fees are not received within 24 hours of the booking enquiry. 

My cancellation policy is detailed on my terms and conditions which can be found on the contacts page on my website.